Sunday, April 20, 2008

J-town Voiced!

On Saturday, Tony had an early morning baseball game, and we went to Marie Callendar's for a fundraiser for Maiya's preschool/temple and drove up to the mountains to visit Grandpa for the night. But in between, we stopped for a few hours at the J-town Voiced! Community Rally to send a message to developers that Little Tokyo is a community of people who live, work, shop and eat in Little Tokyo, and that we should be included in the process for changes that affect our community, especially because of all the new luxury condos and apartments in Little Tokyo. Here are some photos:

Maiya the stakeholder goes to preschool in J-town.

Progressive Taiko - that's our friend Craig on the left

Rockett & Zoe eating... rice balls! What else?

Maiya coloring in her footprints on a big banner.

Maiya's friends, Thomas, Traci, Mickie and Alan were speakers at the rally.

Kuida-Osumi supporting our community

The future is bright (and too cute!)

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