Saturday, December 29, 2007

DJ Maiya's Music Mix

This year we made CDs for Christmas presents: "DJ Maiya's Music Mix - Volume 1." It is a compilation of Maiya's favorite music, and some of the music that has influenced our lives beginning from Maiya's birth. In characteristic last-minute Kuida-Osumi style, Tony proposed the idea 2 days before we needed them. Which means that we produced the first 14 copies of this project in 20 hours, Tony taking the first shift of 13 hours, and then me staying up all night to finish at 5:30 am. Since the first run 8 days ago, we added two songs and burned another 25+ copies.

One thing that we didn't put in the intro (which on the CD case is size 6.5 font) is that if you are reading this and don't know an artist, it might be because we intentionally included a mix of friends and acquaintances who are independent artists, so if you are interested, google them, BUY one of their CDs and support the arts!

Child projenni Maiya Grace Kuida-Osumi has hit the scene with her debut album, DJ Maiya’s Music Mix – Volume 1. Almost three years in the making, Maiya combines the chart topping sounds of Pop, Folk, Soul, Alternative and Contemporary Children’s Rock into a sippy cup of good times. With the help from her lifelong collaborators Kuida-Osumi, known in the business as Mommy and Daddy, each song was carefully chosen from Maiya’s most prolific period to date—prenatal to preschool. This CD, like a history book, chronicles Maiya’s growth into what she calls a “big girl.” Give a listen, enjoy, and find out what this “big girl” is all about.
Peace and Happy Holidays, The Kuida-Osumi Family

The Sesame Street Theme by Elmo
The Best of Elmo was one of the first CDs we bought for Maiya. For a time, Elmo was it and the first few notes of this song could stop her in her tracks.
I Dream a Garden by Nobuko Miyamoto
Nobuko wrote this song for youth in the urban gardening movement in Detroit and was also our birth doula. This song became Jenni’s anthem during 37 hours of labor birthing Maiya.
Strength, Courage & Wisdom by india.arie
Jenni learned this song in a Women’s Leadership program a few years ago. Songs from Acoustic Soul were played at Maiya’s birth, over and over.
Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder
Stevie wrote this about his daughter Aisha. We feel the same about Maiya.
Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille
When Maiya was a baby, this song would get her to stop crying at night. Jenni would turn up the volume loud, dance and swing Maiya back and forth in her arms.
Didi Wadi by Chic Street Man
Chic, one of Jenni’s favorite musicians from Great Leap, wrote “Lullablues” songs when his son was a baby. Maiya loves the fun lyrics to Didi Wadi.
Luna by Roxy Especial
It is the only non-kiddie CD that Maiya requests time and time again. You may have seen Maiya’s video at
My Favorite Ice Cream Song by Lionel Jean Baptiste
One day Jenni and Maiya saw a guy pulling a wagon playing reggae children’s music at the Farmer’s Market. We bought his CD, and it’s another of Maiya’s favorites.
Two Little Girls by Sesame Street audio conversion from YouTube video
Vintage Sesame Street that Maiya watches on DVD and YouTube
The Alphabet Song by Golden Books Music
Maiya enjoys this childhood standard, especially now that she is learning her ABCs.
Ni Hao My Friends by Dora’s World Adventure
Maiya loves these songs from around the world. Tony is more dubious.
Watch It Grow Cha Cha by The InvestiGator Club
Maiya laughs when the “Cha Cha Cha” part comes on and says, “What’s that?”
La Bamba by Los Lobos with Lalo Guerrero
From “Papa’s Dream” - a great children’s album that Maiya is still growing into.
Kids Are Gonna Love by Holly Near
This song by Jenni’s favorite artist is about how kids love who they choose without prejudice.
Holdin’ by SKIM
Maiya met SKIM when she performed at an NCRR event that Lt. Ehren Watada’s parents spoke at last year. Watada is facing court martial as the only military officer to publicly oppose the war in Iraq.
Celebration by Kool and the Gang
This is another fun song that Tony introduced Maiya to. When she hears this, she goes wild with excitement. See her and Tony keeping beat on Maiya’s YouTube video.
On Mars by Visiting Violette
Tony and Jenni have known Glenn Suravech and Lee Takasugi from Visiting Violette for years. This song is about Lee’s Japanese American mom’s concentration camp experience.
Caffeine Free by Long Hairz Collective
The Long Hairz are activists/poets we met in Detroit through our friendship with Grace Lee Boggs, who Maiya Grace is named after.
Harvest For The World by The Isley Brothers
The kind of world we hope Maiya helps build.
If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out by Cat Stevens
Fun, Freedom, Joy, Opportunity, Possibilities…

Just a note of caution, if you received a copy, we burned it ourselves. It should play on any computer or CD-R or MP3 player, but doesn't play in older model CD players.

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