Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend Update

Yesterday, Maiya and I went to my cousin Marlon's inauguration as the 4th Head Minister of his church on its 80th anniversary. He is taking over for my Uncle Fumio and Auntie Kaz who are retiring after 40 years. Uncle Fumio took over the church from my grandfather in 1968. No pictures of the kiddies, they were all too busy running around. Yesterday when Maiya was running and I told her to slow down, she stopped, put her hands on her hips and said, "What? Why?"

After the reception, we went with my cousin Cherie (who is visitng from France), to Jose Ramirez' art studio in Boyle Heights. He is an amazing artist and illustrator. I love the combination of politics/art/education--it appeals to me on so many levels. I picked up some great kids books and a few gifts. Check out his website, he will have another art sale next Saturday, December 15th:

Maiya has a bit of a croupy cough this weekend and she's been watching videos today, Babe and Jungle Book. She slept until 10:45 this morning and had no nap. Our house, along with 6 others in the neighborhood was hit with graffiti last night. Tony was dealing with it this afternoon.

Here is Maiya acting and looking more and more like a preschooler and less of a toddler this afternoon.

Well, we didn't get a tree this weekend. Still haven't decided on live vs. fake. Neither is so good for the environment or the pocketbook. It will be our first tree in maybe 7-8 years. Maybe next weekend.

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cynematic said...

hi kuidaosumi,
a live tree in a pot might not be so bad. it could live on the patio the rest of the year, or in the yard.

also, there's supposed to be post-xmas tree composting programs at home depot and also at the griffith park compost hill, i think.

we had a fake tree when i was a kid. re-used it for years. i'm wondering if we should pick one up at a garage sale after the holidays.

just some ideas--we might go for a piney wreath. that seems less destructive than cutting a whole tree down.