Friday, February 02, 2007

For Fran

Recently, we watched the video from our baby shower. Tony's mom's main words of wisdom for us was, "Best to breastfeed for two years." Nothing that the World Health Organization wasn't saying, and yet as of 1998, only 29% of moms in this country still breastfeed after 6 months. (See

I am happy to say that at 2, Maiya is a poster child for extended nursing. She is independent, not clingy or developmentally challenged. Yes, she has age-appropriate tantrums. But she has never taken any medication stronger than Infant Tylenol or Motrin, relying on "mama's milk" to keep her healthy. Doesn't mean she never catches cold, because she has had her share of runny noses and icky coughs, but she has never had the flu, and has only had a few mild fevers.

So, this video (which is Part 1 of a 6 Part You Tube series on guess who), is dedicated to Fran. We thank her for her years of experience as a nurse midwife, prenatal care policy expert, breastfeeding advocate, and of course, for providing support and encouragement at Maiya's birth.

And the photo below, is a gift that I bought for Maiya's birthday and my 2nd year birthing anniversary. It's a made to order pair of wool felted dolls, a brown-skinned Mama doll with nursing toddler doll in our likeness, made by my friend Julie. See her online shop: (Julie's Lactation Nation).

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