Saturday, February 03, 2007

@ Childcare and @ Office

Here are some photos of Maiya en route to childcare where she goes 4 days a week, outside playing in the yard of her childcare center, and after hours at my work. The first photo is from a few weeks ago, the rest are from her birthday on Thursday.

Maiya in the car eating cereal & sipping agua.

Maiya with her primary caregiver,
who she's been with since she was 9 months old.

Maiya with her friend. They greet each other with
a kiss and hug every morning then they run off together.

Maiya having fun in the yard at childcare.

After childcare, we go to the office to hang out a bit.
Here we are with Justin, who now goes to preschool.

After hours visiting with Davis, Devin, Jennifer & Helen.

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mamalife said...

My girl also has a special friend at pre-school who greets her with a hug every morning and sends her away with a hug every afternoon. Isn't it amazing the friendships they develop at such a young age?