Thursday, March 02, 2006

13 Months and counting

Hey, I've got bangs! Kinda, sorta...

Maiya turned 13 months yesterday. She's taking more and more steps. Yesterday, she took 18 steps, advancing about 3 feet, into my arms. Sometimes it's step, step, step, sit. Or hold something with one hand, pivot, step, pivot, step. She's getting pretty quick at scaling the walls, and then crawling for even faster mobility. Her old favorite foods, are now casually tossed onto the floor, tofu, avocado, potatoes. She is really into whole wheat bread, pasta and rice, and enjoyed fruits from the health food store the other day.

My most recent column came out yesterday, Working Mom: For the Sake of the Children, which I wrote about going back to work at LTSC in the Child Development program. I actually even uploaded it on our website.

In other news, it's time for a change. The man continues to lie about everything. About 9/11, lied about WMD, the levees. How much more proof do we need before we make a change?

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mamalife said...

Even my very Republican boss said yesterday he thinks the man ought to be impeached!