Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pix for Bubbe & Zeyde & 10 things

Here are some pictures for Maiya's grandparents up in Idaho...

Maiya in her Indian-style dress from Auntie Nobuko

Maiya playing guitar with daddy

Maiya playing outside this afternoon

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. It's hard to find the energy sometimes. Ten random things you may or may not need or want to know.

1. I found Maiya's favorite shoe last night!!!!! It's been missing since Feb. 5th. I looked everywhere except in the couch cushion--where I found it at 2:30 am this morning. I was so happy I wanted to wake up Tony, but I didn't. I don't think I can explain how happy I am about it.

2. Guess who got a cell phone??? Welcome to the 21st century, TonyO! So many times I've wished he had a cell phone over the years. We upgraded to a family plan with Tony's dad and uncle--we all got Razors! Mine is pink, and I love it!

3. We're excited about the I-word, that has been spreading... Maiya, can you say, "impeach?"

4. Maiya's walking now. A lot, especially at home. A lot of walking and falling. See the red mark on her forehead in the picture above?

5. Maiya went to the doctor today. She is now 18 pounds! I know, I know. She has a healthy appetite, but she's also very, very active.

6. I still have a darn cough, and coughing fits, usually late at night. Another sore throat... been off and on since November, maybe it's time to go to the doctor.

7. Tony's been cooking almost every night. I think my favorite time of the day is dinner time at the Kuida-Osumi's. Grandpa Larry has been coming over for dinner 1 or 2 times a week the last month.

8. I am addicted to red vines. I am eating a container of 330 almost all by myself. Ugh.

9. We finally went back to the gym the other night. We gotta make it a more regular thing.

10. We're making plans for continued home improvement. When I was pregnant, we were out of the bedroom for 10 weeks because we were painting 2 rooms and a hallway, and doing hardwood floors. It was a stressful time. Wish us luck!


zeebah said...

Geez. She gets cuter every day. I love that purple dress.

And, yum! Red vines! (and Twizzlers, too, for that matter) I could eat a ton. Of course, they start to make me sick after a while, but it's hard to stop. That's why I couldn't get a huge container and trust myself around them.

mamalife said...

What a cutie... she's getting so big! And I like that "impeach" word, let's hope it happens!