Sunday, March 26, 2006

Kuida-Osumi date night

Tony wrote me this poem yesterday morning before our date last night, our first night out since last April.

Blue Hen, baby
organic and light
but we'll get heavy
in the black of night

Brown rice
golden yolk
our love baby
ain't no joke

Red hearts
purple mist
I can't wait
cause you're hard
to resist

We went to dinner at Blue Hen Vietnamese Kitchen out in Eagle Rock, which I've been wanting to go to since it opened a few years ago. We had a really nice time--it felt strange to be driving in the car without Maiya in the backseat. I ordered the Vietnamese noodle soup, Pho (pronounced fa-uh) and organic Cafe su da (condensed milk coffee), and Tony ordered the organic ginger chicken with tofu, organic greens and brown rice, and a zesty lime fizzy tonic drink, I forget the name. We also ordered the tofu Spring Rolls which were pretty tasty too. It was very nice to try some place new and different, instead of having dinner at one of our usual places that we always go to, and it was surprising that in almost 11 years, it was our first time having Vietnamese food together.

Afterwards, we drove around for about half an hour in Glendale looking for ice cream. We finally called our friend Gary, who I always call when I'm looking for something in the Glendale/Pasadena area, and he gave us directions to the nearest Coldstone. We had ice cream, Tony looked at plasma and flat screen tvs (his latest obsession) at CompUSA while I found two CDs for Maiya, Elmo's Greatest Hits and latin music for kids with Lalo Guerrero and Los Lobos at Tower Records. We need to find a CD recorder that records onto cassette since we don't have a CD player in either of our cars. We held hands walking back to our car.

Anyways, 3 hours after dropping Maiya off at my sister Gayle's house, we went back to pick her up. She apparently had a great time following around her cousin Kieth and playing with all their toys. Little Miss Busy Girl.

I love you TonyO... let's do it again soon!

PS. to my last post. I was wrong--500,000 people went to the march on immigrants rights yesterday, not 50,000--to protest that bill in Congress (HR 4437). They say it was the biggest march in L.A history. Amazing! Tony got caught in the downtown traffic and saw families walking across the First Street Bridge back to Boyle Heights when it was over. I got all choked up when I saw the news last night. What a beautiful sight. Check out this article in today's LA Times that is on the Common Dreams website.


mamalife said...

We had a much too rare date night tonight also... isn't it strange to drive without your girl in the back seat??? We said the exact same thing as we were leaving the house!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't called back. I didn't run the marathon, just did the bike ride before hand. I have that Lalo & Los Lobos CD. When I find a tape, I'll record it for you. And I volunteer to babysit for your next date night! Maybe for Tony's bday...

z said...

That poem's awesome...

Oh, and I had no idea pho was pronounced that way. Thanks for mentioning it. I feel like an idiot- I've said it the wrong way for years!!

Jen of Kuo said...

The fizzy lime drink is called Soda Chanh. And if you ever want to try good Vietnamese. OC is the place. Brodards has the BEST spring rolls. Go to Fosselman's for good ice cream, it's in Alhambra. BTW Maiya is SOOOO adorable. Too cute/kawaii!