Friday, February 17, 2006

This week in pictures...

We had a small family BBQ for Maiya's 1st Birthday on Sunday. Daddy grilled lots of yummy food! Maiya and Grandpa shared a birthday cake (he's 75!). It was a carrot cake with cream cheese filling from Angel Maid. It was delish.

Happy Bday to me & Grandpa!

Me with Mama and Daddy in our backyard

Here's Maiya in her tie-dye onesie at Chris Iijima's memorial service. Auntie Nobuko sang a medley of songs from "A Grain of Sand" and there were a lot of other cool performances.

We are the offspring of the concentration camp,
we are the children of the Japanese gardener,
who will leave their stamp on Amerika!

This week, Maiya went for her 12 month appointment, and had some shots. We decided to delay the MMR vaccination. The doctor also told us that Maiya has lost weight in the last 3 months! Since then, she's had a fever, lots of vomiting (all over Mommy and Daddy) and diarrhea. Poor baby girl. But never mind all that, she's having fun on her new ride!

I like to drive my new car and put stuff in the trunk!

Some sad news this week. Finally, Auntie Tazu has been found. She was Tony's great uncle Chi's sister who had been missing since January 10th. Apparently her van went over a steep enbankment into the Williamette River near Bend, Oregon. It was amazing the generosity of hundreds of volunteers who organized and searched for her for over a month. Our deepest condolences to Auntie Tazu's family.

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yam said...

Ohh, sorry to hear about your loss. My deepest condolences to your family. That's so tough to lose two family memebers in a short time.