Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Yee! It's Maiya's birthday today! Our little girl turned one years old today. Can't hardly believe that it's been a year since Maiya was born. Yesterday I said to Tony, "Hey, today is the anniversary of our labor!"

She has definitely changed our life. And she is amazing us with little changes every day. Tonight, she was trying to climb up on the couch and had her leg and foot reaching all the way on the couch, but couldn't quite get there on her own. Tony gave her butt a little boost and as she got up and leapt into my arms, she was giggling and lauging like crazy, and so proud of herself! We were overjoyed! What fun!

Life is busy, working 3 days a week. The days off are filled with errands, housework, community stuff and activities with Maiya. Yesterday, we had our third neighborhood playdate. One of the girls is 2 weeks older than Maiya, and the other is about 3 1/2 weeks younger than Maiya. It's been a few months since our first get together, so the girls have really grown and changed a lot! Both girls are walking now, so that is very fun to watch.

So, indulge me in a few photos going back a year... and then, a few photos of our one year old cutie patootie.

Born 2/1/05 at 5:41 pm after 37 hours of labor

Baby Maiya, 8 pounds, 11 oz.

Kuida-Osumi leaving the hospital

Maiya at one years old, approx. 20 pounds

Happy Bday to me!


zeebah said...

Looking at her pictures brightens my day every single time.

Happy birthday, MAIYA!!!!!

yam said...

wow, that year went by fast! happy birthday Maiya!

mamalife said...

Great pics... I love the first one of her nursing right after being born. How awesome to hold you sweet girl in your arms for the first time. Has Grandma been found?

Yuko said...

tanjyoubi omedeto-! 1 year already!!!