Monday, February 06, 2006

Since she turned one...

Maiya turned one year's old on Wednesday. Since that time, we've been busy! On Thursday, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa had back surgery on Tuesday, and by the next day, he was up and walking again! I was so happy to catch such a cute, cute picture of Maiya with Grandma and Grandpa. Maiya had a fun day, being the center of attention all day long.

Maiya with Grandma and Grandpa on a warm winter's day

Then on Saturday, we had quite a bit of excitement when a photographer from PeopleMagazine came over to take pictures of us! We were interviewed about how we co-sleep with Maiya. Apparently, the writer who interviewed us, googled onto our blog and read that we share a family bed. Anyways, Maiya was a great sport for the first hour, but then in the 2nd hour, she was getting a little cranky, and so I nursed her to sleep. The photographer continued taking pictures of us all "sleeping"--I started smiling when I heard the even breathing of Tony dozing off! Anyways, it's possible that there will be an article and photos of us in the magazine in the next few weeks. The writer and the photographer were really supportive--hope the article turns out well.

Also on Saturday, Maiya Grace got to meet Grace Lee Boggs, our dear friend and mentor from Detroit. Maiya is named after Grace, an amazing community activist at 90 years young! Grace was in town for the weekend for the latest Great Leap workshops, "To All Relations: The Art of Weaving Faiths." We wish we had more time to spend with amazing Grace and our awesome friend Shea, but since we didn't, we'll have to try to get to Detroit this summer.

Maiya Grace and Grace

Finally, on Saturday night, we finally did a cake for Maiya. Tony got Phillips BBQ for dinner, and got a slice of carrot cake. We put a candle in it, sang "the song" to her, and took pictures of Maiya with her first birthday cake!!!

Happy Birthday Girl! Blow out the candle!


z said...

An interview in People?! How exciting... let me know when the issue comes out and I'll buy a copy.

mamalife said...

I second Z ... how awesome!

Tish said...

Aiyiyi! I'm so late! Happy Birthday!
This is how time feels to me. It just moves like a high speed train and I can not keep up! A year?! How did that happen?

peg said...

can't wait till the issue of People comes out with your article!

i love your short hair! you look absolutely FAB! =D