Tuesday, February 08, 2005

NEWSFLASH: Tony Blogs for First Time!

I love to write, but I've never blogged. Not sure why. Jenni's voice has been the one to document her/our life over the last few years on-line. But with her nursing Maiya and me feeling like I don't want the moment to pass, here I am.

After Maiya's birth, I called my dad and said, "Hi Grandpa!" He shot back, "Hi Dad!" It caught me off guard. Teacher, muralist, hapa, lover of food and justice--those things I've heard and felt, but "Dad," that was a new one. 40 weeks of secondary role-pregnancy kind of got me thinking about it, but holding Maiya, tallking motherese, changing diapers, swaddling, washing pumps and bottles, and feeling proud, nervous and more has brought me into parenthood.

Let me first say, Jenni did some hard beautiful work for 24 hours (not counting 13 hours before when the water began leaking). Several years ago when she contemplated having children, she worried a lot about the pain. Well, for a person who says she has a low threshold of pain, she was super solid. Men, that's some work to be admired.

My mom, Nobuko and Laura and Mike were right there when it got nitty gritty and Jenni got guttural. Like dueling doulas, mom and Nobuko were dynamic. Singing, chanting massaging, comforting and guiding. At delivery, my mom and I supported Jenni's legs as she pushed. I saw Maiya make her way out and got to cut the cord.

Today is Maiya's 7 day birthday. But let me thank all those that have helped out over the last 41 weeks and even before. To all of Jenni's blogger friends who've been e-normously supportive. All the family and folks that organized and came to the baby showers and were so generous. Every cloth diaper comes from the community. Also thanks to family and friends that came over to help get the house ready with packing up, moving furniture, prepping and rolling paint, setting up baby furniture, cooking meals, bringing food and just being great family and friends with advice, encouragement and congradulations. Righteously collective and cooperative. Thank you thank you.

Gotta go. Maiya needs to be cuddled.

Tony--Jenni's husband


mamalife said...

Don't forget to cuddle that beautiful mama too!

yam said...

Wow! Tony you need to write more often! That was an awesome entry and you captured the feeling so well. From one Dad to another "Dad", a hearty "Congratulations" and best of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you posted! Hope this won't be the last time...

Give Jenni and Maiya kisses!