Sunday, February 20, 2005

Baby Activist

First let me start by sharing a picture of this lovely gift for Maiya which arrived in the mail from Peg (, one of my first online friends, and someone whom I haven't met in person yet. I was so touched when I opened it, I had to share it. People who are not bloggers don't always understand how online friendships can be very meaningful. Peg and I have shared our lives, good and bad, over the past few years. I love her dedication to her daughters Ashlyn & Summer and her generous nature and love towards her family and friends. So Peg, thank you so much for your gift of friendship.

Baby Maiya has had a series of firsts this week. First trip in the Baby Bjorn, first stroller ride, first La Leche League meeting, first shopping trip to Target, first community event in Little Tokyo, all of which she slept soundly through. Yesterday, we went to the annual Day of Remembrance event called "A Question of Loyalty From Tule Lake to Guantanamo Bay," which commemorated the 63rd anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066 which sent Japanese Americans to concentration camps during WW2. The program included speakers Salam Al-Marayati from the Muslim Public Affairs Council and Hamid Khan from South Asian Network.

As we arrived, it started to rain, so we had to maneuver the stroller thru the streets of J-town. We were over an hour late and had to sit upstairs in the overflow room and watch the program via big screen TV. Then, just as the program was ending, Maiya woke up and needed to be nursed. Afterwards, we went downstairs and introduced sleeping Maiya to her community of friends, aunties and uncles, who seemed to enjoy staring at her, just like her daddy and I do.

Patty, Steve and Kelsey brought Maiya a red t-shirt that says "ACTIVIST" across the front of it, which they bought in San Francisco at a museum with an exhibit of the same title. So at less than 3 weeks, that was Maiya's first introduction to the political and community life that her parents hope she absorbs and embraces as she grows up.


yam said...

Glad to see Maiya Grace coming along so well (in addition to mommy and daddy!). take care! said...

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