Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Mama Who Cried Wolf - Monday, Monday

I think I had something like 39 Braxton Hicks contractions on Sunday. Yesterday morning (Monday), I was having contractions every 4-6 minutes from 3am to 5am. I was so sure this was it, I woke Tony about 3:30 am (who had gone to sleep at 2am). My breath was very short, so I did some deep breathing. I started to get confused and wondered if I should call my birth coaches, wake everyone up and get my a$$ to the hospital. I was exhausted, after Tony spent 6 hours to put our new TV antenna up in the attic, and rearranging furniture, and not getting enough sleep. I thought, oh, I just need to rest a few more hours b/4 going into labor. I went and took a long shower and by 5am, they stopped and I fell asleep till about 10:30 am. False alarm.

I woke up and talked to Fran, my in-house nurse midwife (Tony's mom) and she assured me this was natural, and said it could be another week! Aiyah! Lily came knocking at my door, and was kind enough to do a Costco run for me. Frozen ravioli, toothbrush refills, a gallon of Naked Juice OJ. Ate a little breakfast, puttered around, talked to Tarabu (Interim Managing Director at GL who is filling in for me after 7 years on the job) for half an hour, talked to Juliet (new Manzanar Committee Secretary who is handling a lot of stuff I've been doing the last 7 years) for about an hour and a half.

Had a little lunch, made some hardboiled eggs, then settled in on the couch with a grape Dreyer's Frozen Fruit bar, a People magazine and watched Ellen. Tony came home from work, and we/I napped until almost 7:00, when Juliet came over. We ordered pizza, made edamame and a delicious salad for dinner. I showed her how to update the Manzanar website (http://www.manzanarcommittee.org), and helped her with some strategies on handling this year's pilgrimage, which has a pretty full and amazing agenda this year. It felt good to do some community work, since I have been on hiatus from the committee the past 4 months.

After Juliet left last night, Tony awoke from a 6 hour nap, and we watched Jay Leno and the tribute to Johnny Carson. Some pretty funny moments. I didn't record any noticeable contractions the entire day. It's now, Tuesday morning, Jan. 25. I like odd numbered days. Maybe today is the day that our baby will be born?

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