Saturday, January 22, 2005

Have you found here?

Hi friends, family, bloggers, just wondering if you found your way here via my blog. Yeah, it's a drag. Ever since we got DSL, we've been having problems with our computer and now we can't even boot up our computer, so I've been unable to update. But, since our baby is due in 10 days, people are wondering, emailing and calling to see if we had the baby early.

No. Not yet.

So anyways, yes, we are still waiting for baby. If my normal blog page still looks screwy, check back here until I can fix it. In the meantime, I'm glad I kept this blogger account open. If you haven't been on my blogger for awhile, feel free to check out some of the things I've been putting up here, mostly political things, articles, links to songs, random thoughts, etc.

Do me a favor, can you leave me a comment here so I can see if people are getting here? If not, I'll put the old page back up and ya'll will just have to wonder. Did Tony & Jenni have their baby? Was it a girl or a boy? What did they finally name it? Did they ever finish their home improvements?

Peace. Out.


M. said...

I found you. ;o)

mamalife said...

Hi - found you! Awaiting pics of your sure to be beautiful baby... enjoy your last few days before baby's arrival pampering yourself and resting and good luck with the birth!

Jeff's Page said...

Hi I found your page too. =) I hope you have either a healthy baby boy or girl.
Phuong and I are almost settled in after the wedding. We wish your family lots of Happiness.

Jeff Lane

Anonymous said...

found you! i'm here! waiting anxiously for news, so keep on posting...

xoxo, zeebah