Thursday, January 20, 2005

Baby... House... Update...

So, we finally got DSL, but that involved us upgrading to OSX, which has caused numerous problems with perpherals and now finally, our computer has completely not working the last week. So I'm unable to update

We're at 38 weeks, so people might be stopping by and thinking that we've had the baby. We have not. We still don't have a boy's name, although we have a few top names for girls picked out. As you can tell by the picture on the home page (January photo of the month), I am huge. I'm moving slowly. My pelvic pain is slightly better, but I've had much more pressure since the baby dropped down. Still not sleeping well, but am using the hours to get things done, and I'm lucky that I'm able to take naps in the mornings and afternoons. Yesterday, we got our first delivery of cloth diapers, that was pretty exciting.

Our house stuff is coming together, we're not finished, but things are much more organized and livable. Seems like I'm constantly cleaning and straightening up the house.

Today was the inauguration of the idiot who stole the White House. Again. Ughh. I tried to stay away from network TV or news today. So today is like a day of mourning. I didn't know about the economic boycott for today. Too bad, cause I went to Trader Joe's with my auntie and stocked up on some groceries.

That's about it.

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