Sunday, January 23, 2005

Back Up? For Now, At Least

So, I think I'm back up--but just temporarily. So you can click back to my regular journal page, but if you don't see me updating there, it's either cause i can't get to my computer, or some other reason, like I'm at the hospital giving birth.

Yesterday, I went to visit baby Kevin, my new nephew. I got to do a poopy diaper change and a feeding. It was fun! I was having contractions in the car all the way home. Today, Ayako came over and brought lunch. It was nice to catch up. Been having lots of contractions. Funny how when I'm up straightening the house for 15 minutes, they come every 3 minutes, and as soon as I lie down, they go away. This pattern has been going on for days, so I think it's getting closer. Today, Tony put the infant seat base in the car. But, still no agreed upon boy's name. Hey, we're working on it.

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mamalife said...

That's so funny - only a mama (or soon-to-be mama) could use the word "fun" to describe changing a poopy diaper! I'll never forget getting excited at my baby's first spit up stain on one of my shirts, at being excited at her first breast-fed poop instead of meconium (evidence of the awesome power of a woman's body to nourish her baby) and mourning the loss of her breast fed poops when I started solids as it was solid (excuse the pun) evidence that my baby was growing up all too fast... only a mama... treasure every second, even all the crazy things like that. I too had contractions for at least a week before I went into labor... for me my water broke at 2am, so I went to the hospital then, true contractions that were more substantial than those I'd been having for a long time did not start until about 4:30 am, she was born at 9am. Again, good luck!