Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ride Your Bike Today

Yesterday, Tony needed to borrow my car, so for the first time, I drove his old Toyota truck. I have to admit I've been spoiled. Even though my Honda Civic is 12 years old, I bought it new, along with my previous car, another Honda Civic that was also purchased new that I drove for 7 years. So I basically have had very comfortable cars since 1985. Tony's truck is a 4 speed, without A/C, power steering, automatic windows, passenger mirrors, or a radio. It squeaks, it lurches, it is a workhorse. Anyways, Tony didn't have a car for almost 2 years (in his quest to be a one-car family, our contribution to lessen our dependency on oil), so for him, any car is better than nothing. As I was complaining about the lack of amenities in his truck, he informed me how much money we are saving by not having a car payment, plus the truck was very cheap! So insurance and registration, also cheap! I reminded him about past obsession with Ebay, with his motorcycle, 4 bicycles, 2 scooters and skateboard! He may not have a fancy 4 wheeler, but he has plenty of 2 wheelers!

Anyways, today is Ride Your Bike to Work Day. We didn't, but we carpooled. I noticed that we got across town pretty quickly, but we figured it might be b/c of Ride Your Bike to Work Day. Yesterday, we participated in the Don't Buy Gas Day, to send a message to Bush about his keeping the prices of gas high until the election. Both of our cars are running on fumes, so it's good we can buy gas today.

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