Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friendly faces at Nishi Obon 2009

Welcome to the Nishi Obon!
Preschoolers behind the stage waiting to perform.

Peanut, peanut butter, and jelly!
Maiya Grace in her yukata
The Cousins' Entourage
Snowcone #1 (Rainbow) - with Tula & her friend from Boston
Odori break with Grandma & Grandpa's Snowcone (#2)
Sharing snow cones (#3) made by Daddy with Skyler Mari-chan

Nishi Obon this year was really about family and friends. So, thank you to Auntie Keiko, Chiz, Grandma Machi, Auntie Gayle, Kieth, Kaylee, Ronnie, Leeta, Uncle Darin, Auntie Sao, Kyle, Kevin, their bachan and grandpa, Auntie Nobuko, Emily, Scott, Tula and their friends from Boston for coming to see Maiya's class perform. Then later, after we ate, Grandpa Walt, Kaz, Skyler, Baby Gavin & their bachan & grandpa (I forget what you call grandpa in Japanese) came to join us in odori dancing. Thanks everyone for coming long distances on such a hot day.

Tony took the shift in the Preschool Snow Cone booth this year. We saw lots of friends at obon this year, and it was fun to see all the preschool parents and kids enjoying/working the obon. We were there for over 6 hours and it was a hot and exhausting day... no nap for the weary, well, actually daddy took a nap in the air conditioned bingo room, but Maiya sure could have used one. Her mood went up and down throughout the day, down when we said no more games, and up when friends came or snowcones appeared. We did participate in more dancing this year, about 6-7 dances. Daddy joined us at the end for some tanko bushi, One plus One and the Shiawata Samba (?). We love summer, and we love Obon.

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Janet said...

What a fun day! She looked adorable.