Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th Weekend

Nice to have a long weekend. Thursday, I was off and took Maiya to the LTSC work picnic. She had a good time. Then we went to swim class, worked out and over to The Wood Cafe for an all-organic dinner.

On Friday, we went up to Crestline to continue with clearing out Tony's dad's house. It's probably our 5th or 6th trip there. We made a lot of progress this time, sorting through things to keep, donate, recycle, give away, donating many boxes of things to the local thrift shop, and bringing home all the recycling. After we went to the thrift store, Tony went at it with the weed wacker, and I took Maiya to Lake Gregory for the first time. It was cute, it had a little beach. She had a lot of fun playing in the water and playing in the sand, err, dirt. Water was cold, but the day was hot in the sun. And I got to read a little of my book, "On Gold Mountain." On our way home, we stopped and had dinner with Mike in his front yard and hang out for a bit.
For the 4th, Tula, Scott and Emily (of Detroit/Boston/Seattle/LA) came by and we went to Jackson Market for lunch. The girls had a great time playing and spending time together. Me & Maiya went to the Culver City High School fireworks. We went with the little girls next door and their family. It was freezing out there on the soccer field, but we got to lay down and watch the fireworks. Maiya loved it. I wasn't so crazy about the America-rah rah, but I did like the green peace fireworks and the happy face fireworks, which I've never seen before.

Today, more cleaning and purging over here. Farmer's market, grocery shopping, laundry, all that fun stuff. Then tomorrow, it's back to work.

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