Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Backyard fun

Over the past few weeks, I have cleaned and moved Maiya's playhouse closer to the house. It was full of spiders and spider webs, and not used much. I also put some of our small pots next to the house to make it homier. Here is Maiya with her new garden window--beets and onion chives. She and her rabbit Kasha would love for you to visit.On Sunday, Maiya hosted a "7th birthday party" to herself, a few years early. Auntie Keiko brought over some new-out-of-the-box vintage toys, actual Tupperware Toys from 1979 and 1980. So we had a little fruit & cake party.
And this morning, we picked a ripe tomato and cucumber from our garden. The garden itself is not doing too well, I think it'll take a year or two to get the rich organic soil that I am hoping for. But, the compost is cooking, so hopefully that will make for a better garden next year.

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z. said...

What a cutie!! She's getting so big. What inspired a 7th birthday party, do you think? :)