Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to Summer.

Today is our first day of summer. We're really lucky living near to the beach. Where my sister lives in the Valley it is 105 today, but here near the coast it's a balmy 84, and at 1:30 pm, I actually feel a relatively cool breeze wafting in through my bedroom window.

One of our cars hasn't been working all week, so we've been happily keeping one car at home and carpooling and taking the bus. This morning, Tony had to go to Maiya's preschool to help build a new play structure (95 degrees downtown today-ack!), so Maiya and I took the bus to Culver City to have breakfast with Auntie Keiko and her friends at Tokyo 7-7. Two good deals: Bus ride 75 cents, breakfast special $2.43. Spending the morning with my girl, priceless.

Afterwards, Keiko dropped me off at my chiropractor/healer's for an hour, and they came to pick me up afterwards. We went shopping at the air-conditioned mall with Keiko & her friend Mary, got Maiya a little car stroller to ride in, went to Old Navy, Macy's for a potty break, had a quick mall lunch, then came home. Boy, do these auntie's know how to spoil a little girl.

Anyways, that's our day so far. There's the Venice Community Center Carnival this weekend, and I'd like to get to the gym and to the pool for more swimming. There's laundry and a messy house, but right now, I think I'll go drink a cool glass of water and lie down and relax a bit.

Oh. If you have a chance, check out the Little Tokyo Unplugged Blog. I put up an entry about our Saturday in J-town a few weekends ago.

Stay cool, y'all.

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