Monday, June 09, 2008

First Legoland trip...

Here we are arriving at Legoland... with 7 kids, 8 adults
Waving from the airplane ride!
Maiya, Kaylee, Kieth, Ronnie & Leeta on a Lego Camel
Maiya and Cousin Kevin shivering after the water ride

I had 3 days off last week. On Thursday, we went to Legoland. My sister Gayle arranged for everyone to go for Kieth and Kaylee's birthday. It was everyone's first time there. The kids had a great time at the water park. Maiya said her favorite part was driving the little cars. It was kind of a trip to see my baby "drive off" in her little car, sitting up so proudly, and driving away down the little track. They even gave her a little driver's license which she proudly stuffed in her pocket.

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