Monday, June 30, 2008

Kickoff to J.A. Carnival & Obon Season

Last weekend on June 22nd, we went to the Venice Japanese Community Center Carnival, as our kick-off to Obon and Carnival Season. This year, at 3 years old, Maiya enjoyed playing the games even more than last year. Here she is playing the "everyone wins" something game where you pluck the toys out of the spinning water with a fish net. She won a little army guy with a canteen (luckily it wasn't a gun), a little guy with a parachute, and a purple sequin beaded purse, which as expected, the strap broke that evening, sending little sequined beads scattering across Uncle Bill's floor.

Then we went to see the Bonsai exhibit. We saw Mr. Goya, who trims our Japanese bushes every year. We saw him recently at Mr. Kobashigawa's event. Behind me & Maiya, is one of his Bonsai junipers. It is such a beautiful art.

Then of course there's the food. We had chili rice, corn, wonton, beef teriyaki, udon, blueberry cheesecake and don't forget about the snow cones. By the way, don't let a 3 year old walk and eat a snow cone at the same time. Sit down, and eat it slowly and make sure to have lots of napkins nearby.

Maiya got kind of excited when the music started. She had her own style of dance. Note the purple purse is still intact.

Later, at Uncle Bill's getting the sticky off the silly girl.

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