Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weekend Update: Easter

Maiya's homemade bunny basket from preschool

Visiting Teacher Jessie at former childcare center for Easter party

At the Santa Monica Pier after lobster lunch for Uncle Bill's BDay

Calling Grandma Machi to tell her we're going to the Farmer's Market.

Easter dinner in the backyard

On Saturday, we went to The Lobster for Uncle Bill's bday lunch at the Santa Monica Pier. Afterwards, I went to get my haircut, bought some new shoes and clothes for my upcoming trip to Kentucky. It will be my first time away from Maiya overnight--first time in her life I'll be gone for longer than 17 hours.

On Sunday morning, I cleaned the backyard, then Maiya & I went to the Farmer's Market while Daddy stayed home moving around furniture. Yes, again. When we got back, Auntie Keiko was over, so we went to lunch with her. Maiya & I played pretend preschool for several hours. I was appointed to be the teacher and she was the student. Daddy made Tuna Noodle Casserole using his Grandma Chie's recipe for dinner. After dinner, we hid Easter eggs in the backyard until it got dark. Then, all too quickly, the weekend was over.

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