Monday, March 24, 2008

93 yrs young

I have 3 amazing friends over 93 years old. One is Detroit-activist Grace Lee Boggs, another is Mamie Kirkland, who is Nobuko & Tarabu's mom. And then there is Fred, who I have worked with on the JACS Board for the past 6 years.

Fred with folks from LTSC

3 & 93

A few weeks ago, Maiya and I went to Fred Hoshiyama's 93rd Birthday Celebration and event for the Fred Hoshiyama Asian Leadership Fund. Fred has been associated with the YMCA for over 60 years, and continues to train YMCA executive directors around the country, having been retired for 28 years. Fred has the gift of inspiring and challenging people to do more, give more, and to make a difference. Since last year, they have already raised $188,000 (or was it $288K?) for the fund in his name.

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Anonymous said...

$288k is what you told me that night.