Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Making Valentine's

So, when did Valentine's become Halloween? Maiya got so much candy and stuff for Valentine's Day from preschool. I couldn't believe it. She got to eat 1 piece of candy, one of those little chalky hearts, and Tony put the bag away somewhere, and she seems to have forgotten about it. Same as Halloween. Anyways, here are Maiya and Tony making Valentine's cards for her class. Tony carved out hearts from potatoes and they stamped them on the card.

On Valentine's Day, I had a really busy and exciting day at work. We had a visit from the former governor of Iowa, and his wife, who is a champion for family literacy and technology. I'll blog and post pictures about it later. On Valentine's night, we stopped at Uncle Bill's house, then went to Marie Callendars for dinner. I got a pretty good chicken pot pie and a delicious apple waldorf salad, Tony got soup and sandwich, and Maiya got the macaroni & cheese kid's plate. Afterwards, Tony was sneaking banana cream pie in the kitchen... $5.99 on all pies until the end of the month.

I'm off today. It's raining. We made sugar-free cranberry-orange-carrot pulp muffins this morning. I think we're going to go to the library. Tonight I have a JACS meeting/dinner and Tony is taking Maiya to Talpa's with "the guys." That's it for now.

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