Thursday, February 28, 2008

If Preschoolers Could Vote...

Wednesday night at dinner:
MG: Mommy, I don't like Barack Obama.
JK: Really? Why not? I like him.
MG: I don't like him.
JK: Oh. Well do you like Hillary Clinton?
MG: No.
JK: Uhhh... (pause) do you like John McCain?
MG: No, I don't like him either.
(Jenni and Tony let out a sigh of relief and look at each other across the table.)
JK: Oh ok, well maybe you like Cynthia McKinney? Daddy voted for her.
MG: No.
JK: Well, who do you like?
MG: AUNTIE KEIKO!!!! (Big smile)


Thursday morning:
As we're running out the door, Maiya pulls the newspaper out which is sitting on the end table and opened to a photo of Barack Obama pointing and speaking.
MG: Mommy, I don't like Barack Obama.
JK: Why? He's running for President. I voted for him.
MG: He is a bad man. His eyes are mean.
JK: Maiya, his eyes look like that because he's talking about Hope and Change.

I mean, really where does this come from? Too much background TV? Kids at preschool? Honestly she caught me off guard that she even recognized his picture in the paper. Yesterday was the first time I ever talked to her about him, when I was showing her his myspace page. Well, I guess I have to take a deep breath and be proud that my child will have thoughts and ideas that are different from mine, but I really didn't think it would be the 2008 Presidential primaries. I better get to work on some age-appropriate politicking, so she can make an informed preschooler's decision.

Here's Barack Obama's stand on Education. It's actually pretty refreshing.

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