Sunday, February 10, 2008

Baby Legs Product Review

I won a pair of "Baby Legs" on Here is my product review:

My 3 year old daughter Maiya is one of those kids who must have complete control over what she wears. I thought the BabyLegs would be a good fit for her because she went through this 4 month phase of wearing dresses only and no pants and had just recently potty learned. But just before they arrived, my girl started wearing sweats and stretchy pants and went out of the dress phase. Luckly that only lasted a few weeks, so it took her a few weeks to decide to wear them. She had gotten a pair of the Retro Turquose & Orange BabyLegs for Christmas. In the meantime, the Dark Rye Baby Legs (chocolate brown & polka dots) arrived for us to review. Me explaining that she had to wear them so I could do my review, did not have any impact. So both pairs sat in their pretty packaging for a few weeks. I contemplated giving mine to a friend so I could review their child. I worried that this product was more for babies and that maybe I shouldn't have offered to review them. But, finally, she decided to put them on, she fell in love with them. She wore the Retro ones 5 days in a row, calling them "Stripeys" and "BigGirl Legs." Then when I insisted on washing them, she took to the brown pair, and wore them 3 days in a row, including one day under pants. Any ways, the moral of the story is that they are a big hit around here.

What I like about them is that they are very versatile. They can warm her cold feet if we're at home or they can keep her legs warm wearing a dress on winter days, they can protect her knees from scabs and bruises if she's out playing, they are made of a soft fabric that isn't scratchy or itchy, they come in lots of vibrant colors and styles, and they allow her to be the unique little girl that she is. But the best part is simply that she loves them.

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