Saturday, July 07, 2007

Evolution of Maiya's room

We've lived in our house for 10 years. For 8 years, our extra room was a 10' x 11' office/junk room. A few times it was a den, with a futon couch and the TV in there. But most of the time it was our office with various desks and configurations. That file cabinet below held dry food and pastas and rice crackers as we never had a pantry. Here is a picture of me, Fall of 2004, several months pregnant and wondering what we're going to do with this room and how it will ever accommodate "the baby." I think this is some time before Tony took out the carpets and we painted the room.

In December 2004, about a month and a half before Maiya was born, we painted her room lime sorbet green. Visitors to our house would look at the green room and say, "Hmmm, green..." or "wow, that's bright." Here is the room in January 2005, all ready and waiting for "the baby." Notice the crib, was only used for a few naps and diaper cover cleaning times since we have chosen to be a co-sleeping family. Maiya once fell out of the crib at about 7 months, which is when we started storing crap (figuratively) in the crib.

In Maiya's first month, the rocking chair became the place where I spent night and day. Notice the lovely baby gift bag window coverings. We were too busy dealing with breast pump parts, sleepless nights and diaper changes to deal with anything else at that time.

Maiya's room has gotten more and more cluttered as the volume of toys and books has increased. Although as I look at the books in the photo below, she now has more than twice as many books as in the picture. Luckily, like her mama, Maiya likes to keep her floors clean--here she is in July 2006 doing her part to help out.

In January 2007, right before her 2nd birthday, Maiya got her new big kid bed--which we use occasionally since we are still using the family bed. Sometimes the bed gets crowded and one of us will wind up in her bed during some portion of the night.

Last month Tony got these cool designer shelves on Craigslist for $50. Here's Maiya showing them off wearing her "Hello Kitty" underpants.

Today, I bought one of those orange storage hanging baskets from Ikea at a garage sale for $3. We'll see what comes next. At some point we are going to have to do a toy purge cause it's getting out of hand. Stay tuned, if I can gather the courage, I will post photos of our office/library/playroom.

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