Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reluctant Butterfly

Here are our pictures from Halloween. Maiya likes butterflies so I thought this year she could be a butterfly. It's one of the signs that she does that is really cute. We had been practicing with the antennae for a few days, and talking about butterflies, and reading from our books that have butterflies in them. She even started saying, "buf-fie" on Halloween morning.

Maiya was having fun running to the door when people would come.

But then, when it was time for us to go, she decided she didn't want to wear the antennae or the wings. She kept pulling at them, trying to take it off.

So, we put the butterfly on her hat, and attached one to my hat and one to Tony's. Which was fine since we carried her most of the way. We went to about 6-7 houses on our street, mostly visiting neighbors that we know, or those who were fully decorated.

The funniest part was when we came home, she squatted down on her hind legs, Asian style, dumped the candy on the floor and started sorting through all the candy, just like kids do. We have a lot of pictures of us kids on the floor after Halloween rummaging through our loot. Poor Maiya didn't realize that she wasn't going to be able to eat any of her candy! We did give her a granola bar though. Anyways, it was fun.

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