Monday, October 30, 2006

Honey, let's take a Halloween picture!

Halloween 2005... Maiya at 9 months old. So cute, so agreeable. (Click on the link above for last year's Halloween blog with our sushi chef.)

Fast forward, Halloween 2006
Maiya at 21 months old. Still cute, not quite as agreeable. The other day, Maiya said, "Ghoss" and pointed to the ghost on her shirt. Uncle Bill bought Maiya some Halloween stuffed toys and Auntie Keiko bought her a Halloween shirt and plastic pumpkin. Yesterday, Maiya was on the couch with her plastic pumpkin and the Pooh Pumpkin that Auntie gave her last year. I went to take a picture and... dead battery. Ok, so this morning I thought I'd try again, so I sat her on the couch and said, "Maiya, let's take a Halloween picture."

"No!" (She got off the couch and walked away)

"Please honey, come back, Mama wants to take a picture!"

"No!" (Maiya throws herself on the floor hitting her head, crying and throws Spider Pumpkin )

"Now stay still, Maiya." (I think it's funny and try again. She throws Pooh Pumpkin in my direction)

"Ok, never mind." (Finally, I'm getting the picture. She doesn't want to take a picture.)

Toddler 1. Mama 0. End of story, right? Well tomorrow, I am determined to post pictures of our Butterfly Family! But first, I have to put our costumes together. Second, I have to convince Maiya and Daddy to wear my butterfly creations. Will let you know what happens in my next blog. Stay tuned, and be safe.



z said...

I know dealing with a stubborn toddler must be rough at times, but boy is she cute! I love the two with her laying on the floor... so funny.

Anonymous said...

Jenni, I laughed out loud. This is the perfect picture definition of a toddler.

Maiya's Idaho Grandma (AKA Bubbe)

yam said...

ahh, perfect blackmail photos to use when she gets older! Bahahaha!

mamalife said...

This is why I say in my house, "The Toddler Channel... All Drama, All The Time" !!!