Friday, November 10, 2006

Parallel Play

Went over to Mike & Laura's on Sunday morning for breakfast, soyrizo eggs & potatoes, yum. Some pictures of Maiya and Amani playing together. First time they "played" together. They were jumping on Amani's new bed and having a good time.

This week, our kitchen is falling into place. On Tuesday, the plumber came and connected the sink, garbage disposal, water filter, soap dispenser, and faucet. It's great! So great to do dishes in the new stainless steel sink. No more washing dishes in the sink and bathtub. Woo hoo! This morning, Tony painted 2 of the 3 kitchen walls. We're still deciding on the color, even after it's up on the wall. Tonight, maybe we'll get the fridge moved from the living room to the kitchen and the washer and dryer moved in from the garage. Hard to believe it's coming together after 3 months without a kitchen. Yee! Ok, Tony & Maiya are napping, I should go study before they wake up.

Happy Quinceneara to our niece Danika, and a Happy 38th Bday to my brother Darin (wow!).

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