Thursday, June 15, 2006

Recent pix & Farm Update

It's been awhile since we've put up photos of our favorite gal and some of her recent activities.

Maiya at Laura's book reading for "Black Brown Yellow Left: Radical Activism in Los Angeles" in Silverlake.

Maiya eating Organic O's and blueberry yogurt with juice and water for breakfast in her new big girl chair

Maiya enjoying bubbles with Daddy.
Maiya is loving the turtle sandbox/swimming pool.

Last night we went to the South Central Farm for the nightly candlelight vigil, the day after the evictions. All around the farm you could see the devastation of the bulldozers. Some people had tears in their eyes, and I was holding back the emotions myself. But, people were feeling hopeful and the fight to save the farm continues. Although we could not be inside the farm, maybe 150 people walked around the outer perimeter of the farm chanting, "Save the Farm, Si se puede." Maiya danced and walked with us.

Here's a quote from Julia Butterfly Hill, "Like the flower pushing through the concrete, the spirit of the land and the people refuse to be bulldozed and concreted over.”

Stay tuned, this story is not over yet.

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