Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bubbe & Zeyde's visit

Tony's parents were in this week from Idaho. On Monday night, Fran (Bubbe) and Don (Zeyde) came over to visit. Then on Tuesday, Fran, Don, Maiya and I went to the Indian food buffet in the Marina for lunch. On Tuesday night, Tony's godmother Valerie, Beth (godsister), Brian (godb-i-l)and Erin (Maiya's godcousin) came over, and we went to have Italian food. Fran and Don went to Lake Arrowhead for a few days, and came back on Friday night--and we went for Vegan Thai food, and then on Saturday, we met Nina, Danika and Chris at The Talpa for lunch, before they left to drive back home.

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z said...

Could your family be any more good-looking? Seriously.