Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mini-Activist Supporting the Farmers

Here are some pictures of Maiya at the Farm from about a month ago. She has been out to the farm about 5-6 times. I just figured out how to email photos from my cell phone, so here they are. We went to the farm again on Wednesday night, NCRR led the vigil 8 nights after the evictions. There were less people than the day after the evictions, but still there were probably close to 100 people there. Tomorrow, we are going to go to the Farm's Farmer's Market with our friends Scott, Emily and baby Tula from Detroit, where we first got active in the urban gardening movement. Although they don't have access to the farm, they are still going to do it from the outside of the farm.

(On another note, sorry I haven't been updating so much. Very busy with life and work and baby. Photos of Bubbe Fran and Zeyde Don's visit this week coming soon).

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