Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Save EV1! Stop GM from destroying cars

Have you heard about the Save EV1 campaign? I just saw a story on the local news this morning because one of the Baywatch babes was arrested yesterday in protest of the crushing of these electric vehicles. Apparently, GM made 1100 zero emission, zero pollution, petroleum-free electric cars in 1999, and is now destroying all remaining 77 of them. A group of environmental and clean-air activists are participating in a round the clock vigil outside the GM facility in Burbank to put the remaining EV1's back on the road, which GM is taking to Arizona to be crushed. Individuals have offered to purchase these remaining cars for $1.9 million, which were taken back after their leases ran out.

It doesn't make any sense to destroy these cars--especially when SUVs run amok in this state. Check out the campaign's website at www.saveev1.org. Then click to the section on how you can join me in helping support the vigil and save these cars from GM's senseless destruction. How un-green can you get. I mean really.

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zeebah said...

that's just crazy.