Thursday, March 24, 2005

On Being a SAHM

I think Maiya is going thru a growth spurt (7 weeks this week)... last night, she ate about every hour or so from 7pm till 3 am... and then she slept till 6:30 am. For the most part, I'm sleeping in increments of 10 minutes to 3 hours, but aside from being tired in the evenings, I'm functioning pretty well. Must be the fact that I'm getting so much love back from my little girl, who is much more alert these days, smiling a lot and even has a chuckle that is just so cute.

Yesterday, I left Maiya with Tony for 5 hours! That's the longest I've been away from her since she was born. I went to Great Leap to take the staff out to lunch at Zip Fusion Sushi (our favorite lunch place). it was wierd being back at the office after being gone the last 3 months. After lunch, I was about to start downloading all my personal files off the computer, but the CD burner wasn't working and there was over a gigabyte of stuff i had on the computer. So, I realized that i really don't need all that stuff i've been hoarding and i should go thru it b/4 just bringing all that clutter onto my home computer. That, and this mama's breasts were full and heavy and I needed to get home. In any case, Maiya took two bottles of thawed breastmilk and although she was a bit fussy, she took her first bottle since she was 8 days old.

It's so funny how last year this time (actually for the last 10+ years), I had commitments 2-4 nights a week, coming home from 8-11 pm on a regular basis, and often had weekend meetings, work/arts-related performances or community/political events to attend, and since January I have been home-home-home. I'm seriously enjoying being home. Am I now a housewife? A Stay-At-Home Mom? In many ways, even if motherhood is definitely lot of work, it's much easier than the lifestyle that has exhausted me for years. I still need to probably work on balance in my life, but I think that will even itself out as Maiya grows and develops.

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