Thursday, March 17, 2005

6 Weeks with Maiya G.

Maiya turned six weeks old this week. Hard to believe. She's such a dream. She's starting to be more alert during the day, looking around at things. We've been moving around quite a bit lately. We've been to two La Leche League meetings, gone for walks in the Baby Bjorn carrier or the stroller, running errands, going to doctors, and this morning we went to a Mommie & Me Yoga class. It was my first workout in many months, so I'm probably going to be sore tomorrow. What's cool is that you can bring your baby, nurse or hold her if necessary. She slept during the first half, and "watched" me during the second half. After we came back from yoga, it was bathtime. My brave, strong daughter likes the water and doesn't cry when taking a bath.

When she's fussy or gassy, I'm learning that she will calm down when we pick her up, and she will smile if I turn on India.Arie and start dancing with her and singing loudly. Sometimes. I'm also learning that a horrid day can be wiped out with a sideways glance up at me and a big smile.

Did you hear about the 1,000 protesters who picketed Arnold's $89,000 per couple fundraiser in Century City last night? He's got obviously very wealthy special interest individuals and businesses paying $89,000 for dinner with him, and he's complaining about "special interest" teachers, nurses and service union employees outside. Is that ironic or what?

Ok, well, enough for today. Time to feed the little munchkin. I'm putting my column which ran in yesterday's paper below.

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zeebah said...

What a beautiful little lady!! It's so nice that you were able to get out to yoga and take Maiya...

(We're planning on getting to LA late summer. Hopefully, we can meet all three of you?)