Saturday, July 17, 2010

Venice Obon #2

Maiya dancing by herself at Venice Obon 2010
Time to go home!

We enjoyed Venice obon again this year.  We went with my parents, and Tony decided to walk and met us there.  We ate a lot of food (my review of the food is the same from previous years), lines were fairly long, parked a few blocks away, which is like most obons that we go to.  What I like about Venice is that it is close to home and we get to see many of the people who helped us on the Aloha Market Mural that we did 12 years ago.  Their kids, who helped us paint, are all grown up now.

Maiya was excited because she recognized Tampopo Ondo which she learned at preschool, and she recognized that Auntie Nobuko sings the song.  She was also happy because she got to say hi to Tula's grandpa.  I was a proud mama because Maiya asked if she could dance by herself.  It makes me feel great that she isn't afraid to try new things, or do things without me.  It was very cute to see her copying other dancers.  I think I took some video, I will post it when I find it.  Next week:  WLA.

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