Saturday, January 09, 2010

Maiya Grace-isms from FB Statuses

A few Maiya Grace-isms at 4 1/2 years old:

Lights are out, but I just heard, "Mommy, is there a thing of aliens or not in outer space?

Maiya is singing nonstop, "Black black, black sheep, have ee evey words? Yes sir, yes sir 3 bags full." And I can't stop laughing about it.

Maiya on her dead cell phone from gift exchange w/the Ayala Family: "Hi Maria, how are you doing, oh great, i do not even know what you are talking about. You are freaking me out. Ok, goodbye." To me: "Mommy, i cannot believe her. Maria said Santa came to her house, but he didn't eat the cookies but he still gave her presents."

"Now I'm going to talk to Meliza in Japanese because she knows how to do japanese. Where is Meliza? Ok, I don't know her phone number. Oh here. 468-7034. k, that's her phone number, calling. 'hi konichiwa, maku, hake hira nai, chura kirai ne, karai, kara, ma kurai shana, kuwai. bye.'" (hangs up).

JK: "Maiya I'm pooped." (MG puts her hands on my forehead.)
MG: "I don't think you have to poop. Your head is not hot." (JK laughs).

"Is Santa Claus real? Because the boys (at Ikea's Play Room) said he's not real. But I saw him!" Then when were getting out of the car, Maiya looked up at our roof and said, "Do you think Santa can really fit in our chimney?

Maiya just said to me while laughing, "I'm drinking lots of water for I can go shi shi in the shower!" It's her new favorite thing. Whose child is this?

Maiya sitting on the pot at Uncle Bill's reading a car magazine shouting: "Daddy, I found the car I like!" (It was a red Lamborghini!)

And a few from Daddy:

JK: Ok honey, what would you like to do? Dishes, fold laundry or Maiya bath?
TO: I'd like to do moon walk (then does moonwalk).

Overheard down the hall from the audio freak: "Dammit I just bought this one. I have this CD already."
Photo Credit: Mickie Okamoto

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