Friday, January 29, 2010

KuidaOsumi's Green Oshogatsu 2010

We've been doing Oshogatsu over the years--not every year, but just about every 2-3 years or so, is about all that we can handle. We hadn't done it since Maiya was a baby. So, this year, on Jan. 3rd, we invited about 100 friends and family on short notice to come over for Oshogatsu. This year, we really tried to do a Green Party (haha). We got out Tony's grandma's china, got out our old silverware, and we have a lot of chopsticks (not the throwaway kind) that we use for all our parties. We had a box full of Tony's dad's coffee mugs, that were in the garage, so we brought those out as well. I brought out the red plastic cups that we use and wash after every party. We bought drinks in bottles, so no single serving plastics or juice boxes to throw away. So, aside from some paper cake plates and 50 Ikea napkins I bought, we actually generated only about 3 grocery bags of trash after feeding 56 people. So, besides the craziness of doing a lot, a lot, a lot of dishes, a good eco way to start out the year seeing all our friends and family.

This year we invited people in 2 shifts, which made for a crazy first half of the day, mostly family, and friends with young children. Then in the evening, we invited community friends, which was less people, less kids, and less crazy, so we actually got to sit down and visit with people.

Tony grilled salmon, chicken and lots of veggies
and I did Make Your Own Sushi Handrolls

A bunch of Ayala's came over, plus Greg & kiddies

We did buy 3 new tables for parties and some orange Ikea chairs,
then borrowed chairs from Hector and Uncle Bill


Ladan and Maura reunited on Facebook
my best friends/roomies from CSUN 1982-1984

Maiya and Tula playing dress up with sarongs and scarves

Wishing everyone a Green New Year!

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