Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paper Maiya says "Save the Earth"

You've heard of Flat Stanley, right? Well, here's Paper Maiya. It is the backside of some paper that had been hanging in our old house with me & Maiya's outlines last year. A few months ago, we decided to draw Maiya's outline, then color it in together. I did the shirt with the "Save the Earth" shirt that Maiya was wearing and she did the rest.So far Paper Maiya has only been in our house and our backyard to take pictures. For a long time she was waiting on the door to Maiya's bedroom for Maiya to come home from school. She has recently moved into the hallway. Soon, she may head out the front door. Maybe for Halloween... or maybe Earth Day.
Pose-U (That's Japanese for Be-Cutesy-Its-Picture-Time)

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b.q. said...

we love these "flat [kid's name here]" projects. my granddaughter had to send her flat-self (smaller than Maiya's) to an out-of-state relative, & have pictures taken where they live. her flat-self came back with a ton of pictures from my nephew in Hawaii. we all wish we could've gone too!