Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopping & other milestones

So, it seems, that Maiya loves shopping. Tonight, after Maiya's swim class we went to find some badly needed tennis shoes for her. But instead, we found other summer things on sale, like a new bathing suit $10, flip flops $2.50, and a new kicky little hot pink hat $4.99 (below). Everything was like, "Oh I want this." "Oh, I need that." It was the first time I ever took her into a dressing room to try on new clothes. Also, when we went to the Children's Place, we went straight to the back where I used to buy clothes for her when she was a baby/toddler (yes it's been that long since we've been in the mall). Who knew that we are out of the toddler clothes section and into the regular girl's section. Ay, it's all too fast.

And last night, Maiya announced that she would be spending the night in her bed, in her room, with the hall light on and door open, without mommy.

Anyways, we couldn't find any shoes, but Maiya was quite excited about meeting some new friends and big kids at Old Navy.
Since the move, haven't been able to find my card reader. So you have to settle for what I can pull off my cell phone. Sigh.


Janet said...

I remember when we moved out of toddler clothes. I was sad because they were getting big, and because the toddler clothes are so much cuter (and age-appropriate!).
Both my girls love to shop. I guess they got that from their dad, because I rank it right up there with laundry.

heather fish said...

OMG - she is TOOOOO cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a little frightening how natural and happy she seems with those fake kids. --Tony

Jenni said...

That's an only child for you.