Sunday, June 07, 2009

Letter to Granny Franny

Dictated by Maiya:

Dear Granny Franny,

I need to tell you some stuff. I have a lot of dogs like you. I hope you like that. And, um, umm, um, umm um, let me think what i'm going to tell her. Let's see here. I have a Baby Gaga doggy, i have a baby dog and her name is Baby Gaga. and I always go to school and do you know what my school name is? You don't? Oh. It's called Nishi Center. Nishhii Ccccenntteeerrr (sounds out the words). And I have a big dragon. And I have big bear too. And I even have a big big Elmo. Is that really funny? Yes, it is really funny. And I have a lot of toys. And dresses. And, daddy has a big wrench.

How are you? You're good? Great! And, um, I wanted to tell you shuplasch, schoot, scoop she gosh (etc.) Oh! I know what I should tell. You have a lot of shupp gashy gash. So how are you my scoopysy Granny Franny? You granny granny ganny fanny? And I used to have a sticker on my nose, an Obama sticker and I used to go to Legoland with my cousins and Grandma Machi and Grandpa Walt and everybody and my cousins, and my cousin came, Kaylee, Kiethy, and Kyle, and Kevin. They came and Auntie Gayle, and Auntie Lee, and Uncle Darin and Uncle Sao, and and um, and and um, and um, and Grandma Machi, and Grandpa Walt, I already said them, and and I like YouTube. I like Mommy the best. and then I say, and one more thing to tell you, and I'm saying "catch me if you can."

Love, Maiya

I hope you feel happy and glad for me.

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Jenni said...

I should explain some of Maiya's letter:

Lately she's into sounding out words, because she wants to know how to sound out letters so she can write the words. The other day she wrote UToB, for YouTube, Yes, that's our internet girl. She was looking at a tiny little wrench sitting on the desk when she refers to Tony having a big wrench. When she was doing the shupp gashy gash stuff, it went on for a long time. I could only type so fast. I look at it as her own kind of yiddish. The sticker on her nose is referring to a photo where she is sitting on the toilet on election day with an "I voted" sticker on her nose (Obama was not on the sticker). The catch me if you can is referring to a drawing that was on the desk that tony did of him chasing her on his bike, and that's her quote in the photo. she also told me his quote, but as i said, i can only type so fast. Also, when she was dictating the letter, she was on my lap, but my foot fell asleep so i told her to get off. she went over to sit on tony's back on the bed and told him that she liked him, but that she liked me best. good thing he doesn't get bothered by those kinds of statements. The last line, "I hope you feel happy and glad for me" was an after thought. I asked her if she wanted me to make it the P.S., but I don't think she understood, so she didn't answer. Anyways, if it sounds stream of consciousness and nonstop, it's because it was.