Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Observations from the carseat

Every day on our way to preschool and work, Maiya and I pass hundreds of homeless people, men, women and children, as we pass the Skid Row area on San Pedro Street. Here's our conversation last month as she looked out the window at all the people sleeping in the street or sitting on the curb:

MG: I don't think that man has a home.
JK: No, he probably doesn't. We're lucky we have a house to live in, aren't we.
MG: Yeah, I don't think its comorable to sleep on the ground.
JK: No, probably not.
MG: And if there's no blanket, then your clothes will get all dirty.
JK: That's why we did the walk last year* to help raise money for people without a house.
MG: I want to raise money. But I might get tired if I walk again.
JK: Yeah, but it's ok if we get tired, because we can help people who don't have a house.
MG: Oh yeah. Let's do it again.
JK: Ok, we can do it again this year.

Maiya says this to anyone who will listen, including strangers: "My mommy is good at finding things and cleaning things and my daddy is good at fixing things and carrying heavy things."

*United Way Homeless 5K Walk blog

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Janet said...

She's so lucky to have you for a mom! Her mommy is good at finding ways to help make the world a better place, too!