Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update for 08

I haven't been around much this year because we have been busy with health issues. So far, my wish for our family is better health in 08.

* Tony's dad was in the hospital for 17 days from Dec. 29. He was released last night and is now back at home.

* My low back/sciatica was in pain, off & on since before Christmas. Last week I couldn't walk, turn, sit or crawl. I finally saw my chiropractor/healer on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and I go back today. He took me off breads, pastas, and processed foods, and gave me calcium lactate supplements. I am feeling much better now.

* I had $800 of dental work on the day after New Year's (crown & a filling). I have to go back today to get my permanent crown. That will teach me to wait so long between checkups. Tony, who hadn't gone in 4 years was perfect--so he spent his $800 on a tube amp (audio nerds and stereophiles will know what this is!). Maiya will have her first visit to the dentist soon as well.

* I bought a Jack La Lanne juicer last week. We have been through 5 pounds of carrots, 7 apples, as well as other fruits and veggies already. I've tried to reduce/eliminate candies, cookies, and all the crap I ate during the holidays. It is part of my Healthy Jenni Plan for 08.

Birthday wishes for Grandma Machi who turns 70 today... and of course to MLK, who would have been 79 today. Also to Grandpa Don and Uncle Shag whose birthdays are tomorrow. Before I go, I'll leave photos from my nephew Kevin's 3rd Bday Party and my funky girl.

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cynematic said...

hope everyone is back to good health in time for lunar new year! sorry to hear it's been so challenging.