Sunday, January 27, 2008

My favorite is the walrus!

Auntie Keiko took me & Maiya to Sea World yesterday. It was both Maiya and Keiko's first time there, and my first time in 13 years. I can't believe I drove 260 miles in one day. We had a lot of fun and the rain stayed away the whole day!
Auntie's favorite was the Shamu show.
Sitting in the Soak Zone. Auntie was "soaked" for $14 for 2 drinks.
Dolfin encounter
These pretty birds are just looking to steal fish from the dolphins.
Second row of the Soak Zone for the dolphin & whale show.
Good thing for our rain jackets keeping us dry!
We enjoyed seeing the penguin exhibit, polar bears and watching a sea otter.
But our favorite part was seeing the walruses in the underwater viewing window. The walruses swam right up to us and flipped over slowly several times. One of them looked like he was as long as our bedroom and wider than a hippo. They were pretty humongous and yet were really graceful for their bulky size. One had tusks and a mustache wider than my face.

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Anonymous said...

hey, we were supposed to go to sea world on Saturday too! we chickened out because of the weather. i wish i had known you guys were going, we couldn't have given you an extra ticket we had.

i'm glad you guys had fun!

see you this weekend.