Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saturday in the OC

On Friday, we had a work staff retreat/strategic planning in Newport Beach and got to spend the night at the hotel. It was a good day. I was glad that most of the 47 people on the childcare staff where I work were able to attend, and I'm glad Tony was able to come and bring Maiya. Many have said, "What happens in Newport Beach stays in Newport Beach." The next morning, we all hung out (some hung over) with the next generation of LTSC kids.

Then afterwards, we stopped in to visit my Auntie Kumi. We realized I hadn't been to her house in 30 years. But it was perfect timing since her birthday was the day before, and my cousins Tina and Nina who live in Las Vegas were visiting. Another day and I would have missed them all.

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astrobuddha said...

"What happens in Newport Beach stays in Newport Beach." whoooops! too late!