Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Oh, I think I am going to join the NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month--where you post a blog every day in November. Yeah, because I need another thing on my crazy To Do List. I'm hoping that it will help me with some of my BlogBack up. Things I might blog about: Bill Sorro, Dick Kobashigawa, Legos, meeting the Mayor, diaper free(dom), toddler dysfunction, gentle parenting, play dates, J-town, adult and children's literacy, extended nursing, and a bunch of things I never find the time to write about.

Anyways, Yam is going to do it, so I can try too. So check it out here over the next month... and here's my new profile page for it. I'm not one to fish for comments (am I?) but I might need a little support.


Laura McIntyre said...

Good luck, look forward to reading your posts

Allison said...

Jenni, that's GREAT! I've been slacking on blogging (both reading and posting) but if you post everyday, I will read everyday!